Taipei's Best Vegan Restaurants

In this post I summarise Taipei's best vegan restaurants to help visitors choose where to eat while in Taipei. If you are coming to Taiwan as a non-Chinese speaker/reader, and only looking for information on food, then you should find it on this blog. I recommend at least reading the fake meat warning, and also taking this 'Chinese lesson' on vegetarian symbols in Taiwan, the best vegetarian/vegan  labelling system in the world.

The format below is the same system as in my guidebooks, Taiwan, a Travel Guide for Vegans and Taipei in Four Days: A Travel Guide for Vegans. My guidebooks share the same information, but they mostly focus on sights and activities, travel practicalities (transport, safety etc), culture, history, and how to plan your trip around weather, crowds and opening hours. As restaurant recommendations are interspersed with sights and activities to make a more complete travel guide, these books better resemble conventional travel guides (eg Lonely Planet, Ro…

Taipei Most Vegan City in Asia

Peta has come out with its "Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in Asia list, and Taipei is at the top." When I first arrived in Taiwan ten years ago there were NO vegan restaurants (and not many good vegetarian restaurants either), and it's been immensely rewarding to see so many new restaurants arrive on the scene, and transform Taipei from somewhere that a good meal started in the kitchen to one in which vegans are spoiled for choice, especially given how affordable food is here.

Taipei's place at the top features in today's Taipei Times (Jan 14th).

Finding great vegan food in Taipei (and most other Taiwanese cities) is certainly easy, both for residents and visitors alike, and it's wonderful to have so much choice: from Taipei Main Station it's a short walk or subway ride to reach Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese or Western foods, from restaurants spanning the continuim from from botique, fine-dining establishments (so much less expensive than restaurants in other …

Vegan Travel Guides to Taiwan

While I continue to use this blog to offer free information about vegan food in Taiwan, I have taken the step of selling travel guides especially for vegans. While I like giving information away free, these books are the result of several months off work, including many weeks 'on the road' doing research, so it's necessary to charge a small amount. If this project is successful I hope to go on to write more Vegan Travel Guides for Japan and other popular destinations. If you are looking for information on vegan food, labelling, language and other basic survival information, it's all here on this blog, and of course Happycow (see below). If you would like a guidebook which also covers where to go in Taiwan, when, how to get around and stay safe, and to better understand the culture and history of this beautiful country, all written from a vegan perspective, then I invite you to consider a Vegan Travel Guide to Taiwan.
Latest Updates Both books have been updated on Octobe…